Common Freshwater Fish Species

Freshwater fishing has been a hobby to a number of people out there. There are always a group of people always looking for a special freshwater catch that is the thing of memories. There are a number of freshwater fishes that avid fishermen usually long to catch on one of their fishing trips.

Part of the adventure of freshwater fishing is that there are different types of fishes that offer different challenges. Part of the excitement is catching a type of freshwater fish that seem to elude the others. Here are some of the types of freshwater fish that most avid anglers dream of catching.

Brook Trout

This freshwater fish is also known as the speckled trout or squaretail. This freshwater fish can usually be found in meadow brooks, streams and ponds. For catching this type of fish, earthworms make the perfect bait. They can also be easily caught using flies and small spinners as lures or baits.

Rainbow Trout

The rainbow trout is a freshwater fish that thrives best in cold water. They can also survive in water conditions with temperatures up to 77 degrees provided the water is well aerated. This freshwater species is well adapted to lakes and streams.

Any trout fishing method can be used to catch rainbows. Using spinners, flies, small spoons and bait are effective in catching them. The usual size of rainbows found in streams and ponds is between 6 and 12 inches and usually weigh less than one pound. In larger lakes, however, there are 3-5 pound rainbow trouts that can sometimes be caught.

Landlocked Salmon

The landlocked salmon is a freshwater fish that was originally an ocean fish that became trapped in inland lakes. They can usually be found in larger lakes, and prefer water temperatures that range in the mid-50’s. During the summer, landlocked salmon are usually found thriving 40 feet below the water surface, where it’s cold. This makes them quite a challenge to catch during such times.

If anglers wish to catch landlocked salmon, early spring and late September would be the best times to catch them. In the spring, they follow smelt, which is a type of bait fish, when they spawn. During the day, the salmon can be found cruising the shallow water of the lake near the stream mouths. In the fall, salmon can be found swimming upstream to spawn. Salmon can best be caught using streamer flies trolled close behind a boat at a faster pace. Catching them using trolled spoons, wobblers and sewn-on bait are also excellent.

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